October 20, 2009


Today I gave the giraffes their daily "what the fuck" moment. It was awesome.

What a gawking giraffe may look like...

Well, kind of... The looks on their faces were awesome, seeing them all stand in a row and study me, seriously wondering what the fuck I was doing, was awesome. What I was doing, however, wasn't incredibly awesome. Flightline staff has to be trained for emergencies, including if a guest doesn't quite make it all the way to the landing deck and has to be rescued. I got to "rescue" a coworker playing dead. Emergency training basically involves being hooked up to the cable in such a way that you can manually pull yourself up the line, hook onto the stranded guest, and ride back in. I climbed probably 100 feet twice then another 25 feet to grab my coworker. It's supposed to hurt your arms and abs but it ended up hurting my back more than anything. But the giraffes all standing around gawking at me (and catching a glimpse of one of the tiger cubs) made it so worth it.

Poor Photo Caravans though... The giraffes were more interested in my training than acacia... Oops.

Also, is it weird that I find the khakis strangely comfortable? Today was my first day back in uniform and the pants just felt right*. Weird? I got my oil changed after work and didn't feel awkward or uncomfortable in them at all. Still not a fan of tucking the shirts in, but at least I can be comfortable and not feel super strange about having to leave my apartment in all khaki. Not my sexiest look.

*I've considered the possibility that they feel right simply because I'm that happy to be working at the Park. Eh, I'm OK with that.

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  1. Update: My abs and arms definitely hurt the next day. And I have bruises that would look normal after a night of rough sex... damn you, harness and singleness!