July 25, 2010

God Hates Comics


At least, that's what the Westboro Baptist Church would have you believe. They came all the way to my city (which, don't know if you know, happens to be America's Finest) to hold up signs that said, "God hates fags."

Follow the logic? Me either.

Ignore for a moment that anything the WBC does makes the opposite of sense. Focus instead on them only sending 2 protesters who, in order to get their point across, each held up like 4 signs. Focus also on the genius of my community and the nerd community in holding up counter protest signs, like "God loves gay robin" (who I met at sushi last week), "Is this thing on?", "Superman died for people's sins," and "Kill all humans." That last one was from Bender.

The WBC hides their activities behind freedom of speech and freedom of religion. However, many of the things they do is pure and simple terrorism (protesting fallen soldier's funerals, for example). It baffles me that they get away with it right here on our own land. At what point do freedom of speech and freedom of religion stop being rights and start being an infringement on other people's rights? When does it become terrorism? The WBC has long since crossed that border, and in my opinion they need to be taken down. I only wish I had been there to see them; I'd have sent my own message with water balloons.

On the other hand, I guess it does kind of make sense. The WBC is full of zombies, and so is Comic Con. Ba-dum-pah!

Speaking of which, I headed downtown last night for some people watching and was not disappointed. Along with several zombies, I saw pirates, Super Woman, Cat Woman, some sort of Frankenstein-esque woman, a guy walking around with a Yoda doll, Sailor Moon, plain old dominatrixes, and a female Avatar (my phone camera sucks so I couldn't get a picture, but she wore a bikini top, thong and high heels and was covered in blue and purple paint). Plus, my friend decided to get in on the action by holding 3 straws and being Wolverine. I rocked my longcat shirt and it was totally recognized.

I love San Diego.

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